Privatsachen REGEN Dress - KAVIAR (Black) **Please See Colour Chart For Colour Available**

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PRIVATSACHEN REGEN DRESS - KAVIAR **Please See Colour Chart For Colour Available**

Mid length 100% 'crash' silk dress. Another of Privatsachen's amazing wardrobe staples that is phenomenal both as a stand alone piece and a base layer. The accordion-like crinkle of the is one of the defining features that provides the wearer with a piece that skirts your figure without clinging (isn't that something we've all been looking for!)  

With the same body shape as both LICHT and MYRTESPIEL, the REGEN has long sleeves. The body has 2 lateral seams - 1 between bust and waist and the 2nd under the hip. Both are blurred by the crinkle of the silk so that silhouette is long and sleek. 

Fantastic for travelling too - the silk pieces are best stored twisted laterally and stored in a knot - we will help you with care and storage tips if you are new to this fabulous brand. 

Size 2 UK 10-18   

100% SILK Washable Handwash. 

Available in KAVIAR (Black) STAUB (Grey/Brown) RITTER (Grey/Purple)

Pictured in Size 2 Last photograph shows colours left to right - Kaviar, Ritter and Staub