Privatsachen MYRTESPIEL Dress - RITTER (Grey/Purple) **Please See Colour Chart For Colour Available**

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PRIVATSACHEN MYRTESPIEL DRESS - RITTER **Please See Colour Chart For Colour Available**

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Mid length 100% 'crash' silk dress. One of Privatsachen's amazing wardrobe staples that is phenomenal both as a stand alone piece and a base layer. The accordion-like crinkle of the is one of the defining features that provides the wearer with a piece that skirts your figure without clinging (isn't that something we've all been looking for!)  

The MYRTESPIEL has cap sleeves and has 2 lateral seams - 1 between bust and waist and the 2nd under the hip. Both are blurred by the crinkle of the silk so that silhouette is long and sleek. The MYRTESPIEL is a little longer than the LICHT. Capitalising on silks thermal qualities, the LICHT is cool for summer and warm for winter and can transform from a casual daytime look (think pumps an leggings) to a dressy evening look. 

Fantastic for travelling too - the silk pieces are best stored twisted laterally and stored in a knot - we will help you with care and storage tips if you are new to this fabulous brand. 

Size 1 - UK 8-12  Size 2 UK 12-18   

100% SILK Washable Handwash. 

Available in KAVIAR (Black) STAUB (Grey/Brown) RITTER (Grey/Purple)

Person pictured is 5ft 8 (177cm)