Privatsachen IDENTATER Tunic/Dress - GALLEN (Purple) **Please See Colour Chart For Colour Available**

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PRIVATSACHEN IDENTATER TUNIC/DRESS: GALLEN (Purple) **Please See Colour Chart For Colour Available**

Mid length 100% Cotton tunic/dress

Constructed of the same textured cotton as HEISSHALT, IDENTATER is an easy piece for any season. The body consists of 2 panels, has 3/4 sleeves, inseam pockets and a neat neckline.

Although pictured layered over crash silk LICHT and MYRTESPIEL, there are many ways to wear the IDENTATER: slip on leggings and pumps, either straight or voluminous skirt or just tights and long boots. We encourage you to have a play!

Size 2 UK 10-16  Size 3 16-20   

100% Cotton. Washable at 30 degrees 

Available in KAVIAR (Black) GALLEN (Purple) 

Pictured in Size 3