This Autumn/Winter is shaping up to be one of the most exciting seasons we've had in some time. The buzz in-store is electric as we look towards n...

This Autumn/Winter is shaping up to be one of the most exciting seasons we've had in some time. The buzz in-store is electric as we look towards new arrivals in the next month with unprecedented excitement. 

Traditionally, the darker, colder months are a time for cocooning, but I think we can agree that we've all had our fill of that. The short days and chilly temperatures provide us with an opportunity to get cosy in front of the fire, layer into outfits that work for a brisk walk and snuggle up to one's favourite cashmere jumper, and whilst those indulgent seasonal moments aren't off the cards entirely, Autumn/Winter 2021's fashion trends are looking a lot more vibrant than any other Autumn/Winter season I've seen before. Rundholz is 50 shades of PINK (or rather, three: Lolly, Candy and Kiss)! The collections will be arriving straight off the back of what has felt like a never-ending period of wintry lockdown and the mood is visibly more convivial than that of last year.

Designers and consumers are ready once more for fashion—proper fashion—and what's being provided to us in this period of emergence, celebration and joy is a clever mix of elevated casual staples and more out there items that provide plenty of peacocking mileage.

No one collection does this better than Annette Görtz this season. 

The Annette Görtz woman typically adheres to the values of understated clarity and style and these values hold true this season but with an added punch! 

Think burnt orange, buttery leather, tonal colour palettes, luxurious coats combined with silky silhouettes. 



The biggest plot twist is that suits are in! By this I don't mean classic workwear... In the not-so-distant past many of us lived for the moment our day-job attire could be cast aside to make way for some party pieces or comfies, depending on the Friday night plans. But now the appeal and allure of smart tailoring is all too strong.

Görtz ramps up the humble suit in a beautiful co-ordinating corduroy two piece - blazer and jacket combo. A look a know for sure, I can't wait to get my mitts on! 




We know from last season, no one does leather better than Annette Görtz - especially when it comes to their buttery soft lambs-leather coats. This season they have re-produced this sell-out style and added a pair of leather trousers to the mix! 

Burnt orange is the colour and the 70s is very much the aesthetic ... there's even gloves and a bag to match. 




Sumptuous silk features heavily this season - providing a comfort factor with a wearability that will take you from the day into the evening. Discover the tonal prints in browns and burnt orange. The dress 'LOAN' (photographed below) is certainly one set to take centre stage.




Luxury knitwear is gaining an ever-present and valued place in our cold-weather wardrobes. And we're talking about so much more than your run-of-the-mill black roll-necks—think sumptuous, jumbo cable knit sweaters, head-to-toe cashmere co-ords, the works…

Görtz knits this season are no exception, they will be arriving from head-to-toe with some gusto.


So, without further ado... Here's a preview of what is to come...





Written by Yasmin

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